A little about me...

Thank you for stopping by! I'm Marcus Manderson (producer name: Da Fingaz); an entrepreneur, music producer, musician, and composer from Virginia. 

You may have seen me on social media; posting videos of music I've created for remix contests, performing piano covers of commercial songs, or talking about music projects I'm working on. 

If you are a music creator, have you ever asked yourself any of the following questions:

  • How can I overcome beat block or feeling uninspired to create music?
  • I'm already busy with work, school, family, and life. Should I really keep setting time aside to create music?
  • How can I build and grow my network that can lead to possible life-changing opportunities?
  • Where would I even start to shift my focus into the unknown world of the music industry? 

If so, then you are in the right place!

Whether you're consistently creating and sharing music, or trying to balance life with your passion for music production, or just want to figure out  some ideas to improve your networking, allow me to help you. 


A Global Pandemic

I never really considered myself an entrepreneur. 

I would talk with other entrepreneurs and have so many ideas for them and their businesses.

Not that I was scared to turn the mirror on myself and execute on my own ideas; I was just...satisfied. Content with a decent income. Pursuing music opportunities with little to no strategic plan. 

And then...2020 happened. 

COVID-19 came and provided what we thought would be a few weeks of lockdown. As the weeks turned into months, I ended up losing a portion of my income. 

However, with that loss, came a win: I had a lot more time. More time to spend with family. Free weekends. More time to create music and pursue my music goals. 

I decided to dive deeper and execute on some things I've been doing over the years. 




All of a sudden, artists, producers, A&R, managers, companies; virtually everyone was stuck at home. Checking emails. Checking social media. Starting their own platforms. 

I became engaged with the alumni network for my school (Full Sail University). I started sending out messages to some of my favorite artists and producers. I also posted more music. Entered more music contests. Connecting with other producers and musicians. 

Building out my network.


  So...let's network

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