When you're speaking on your dreams...

business dream dreams goal goals inspiration motivation Jul 27, 2021

Let's talk about dreams this week.

Not the dreams you have while sleeping (of course 😂). 

The dreams...the vision...the goals you have for your life. For your business. For your music. Or for whatever you have dreams of. 

"When you're speaking on your dreams, make sure the look that’s in your eyes are different from when you talk about anything else" - Rick Ross on the Earn Your Leisure show.

When I came across this quote from Rick Ross, it was after almost an hour of him talking about business, music, and how he continues to learn. 

If you’ve ever been around someone who talks about their dreams, have you noticed a different look in their eyes? Or a different aura about them?  

Those “dreams” don’t have to be strictly about making money. It could be a big family vacation coming up. Or tickets to an upcoming concert or show.

It could be your dreams for your business. Your plans to get to financial freedom. Or for helping solve a problem in the world. Or helping your local community. 

We just have to make sure the energy we have when we talk about these dreams is different from the energy we have when we talk about anything else.

We can also have multiple dreams that we want to talk about. 

For me, one of these dreams centers around music. Creating music for a show/movie. Working with a singer, songwriter, or rapper to create music. Or even just having a chat with some of my favorite music producers or composers.

When we are speaking on our dreams, make sure the look that’s in our eyes is different from when we talk about anything else - Rick Ross

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