How can we be successful?

business idea motivation success successful Sep 21, 2021

Hi {{ first_name }},

Another week. Another day late message. LOL. 

This week, let’s talk about success. 

How can we be successful?

What is "success"? Being successful may mean one thing to one person and something totally different to another person.

Someone may feel successful when they have achieved a goal, such as completing a big project. Someone else may feel successful when they reach a certain status in life, like having the ability to just go on a vacation whenever they want. 

I came across this quote from Justin Mikolay on Twitter: “Success in anything is just a byproduct of learning, and learning is a byproduct of curiosity. Ultimately, if you are curious about something, you will be successful at it, and the more curious you are about it, the more successful you will be at it.”

Curiosity > Learning > Success

At the beginning of this year, I was curious about creating a website. Then a newsletter. Then a blog. Then courses. Then sample packs. Then, whatever comes next. 😂

What are you curious about? 

Feel free to send me a response and let me know. 

Have a great week!

Da Fingaz

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