How close are we to that life changing moment?

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 Do we know how close we are to that life changing moment?

Here we are again. A few days late, but better late than never. LOL.

You may have seen an image over the years of 2 people mining. Both people are digging trying to get to the treasure. The person at the bottom is further along and, presumably, has been digging significantly longer than the person at the top. 

He has given up while the person at the top, while still behind, keeps digging, knowing that there is *something on the other end. He doesn’t know how far or close it is. 

The person who gave up digging was literally right there at the treasure. If he made one more strike against the dirt, he would’ve seen the treasure. 

I came across a message today that reminded me of this image:

“You are only one text or call away from that life changing moment.”

I came across this quote from the one and only Symbolyc One (aka S1), who has worked with incredible artists such as Kanye, Jay Z, Beyonce, Eminem, Glady Knight, Drake, and more). 

I’ve had the honor of talking to S1 a few times over the years and I’ve heard him share a story many times of how the relationship he built with Rhymefest over time developed into him getting a life changing message: Kanye is liking your stuff. You’re booked on a flight to Hawaii!

(S1, I might have messed up a few details. LOL).

All that to say this: We don’t know how close we are to that life changing moment. I’ve never felt closer to that moment than I do at this moment. 

So don’t give up. Keep going. Even if it happens 1 minute from now, 1 year from now, or 1 decade from now (see how long it took Squid Game to get picked up). Just know, it will happen. 

It's happening for me. It will happen for you.

Let’s go!

Da Fingaz

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