Do you know where your best ideas come from?

business ideas inspiration motivation Aug 17, 2021

💡Do you know where your best ideas come from?💡

For a lot of us, the best ideas come from things we come across in life.

Most of these newsletter messages are inspired from quotes I’ve come across and noted.

Ideas for anything can literally come from anywhere. Your next big business idea can come from an experience you had.

Your next big book idea can come from a movie you watched.

Your next big home improvement idea can come from something a friend suggested to you or a show you watched.

Or a website. Or social media. Or a family discussion. Or anything else.

Product designer, Jony Ive, who pretty much designed every famous Apple product, once stated: “The best ideas start as conversations.”

For me, a lot of those ideas are music ideas.

Maybe it’s releasing an instrumental project with an artist in mind and sharing it with that artist (and anyone I can find close to that artist).

Just earlier today, my wife told me about a singer I’ve never heard of before. She sent me a song and suggested I do a piano version of it. 🎹

(So, of course, I did. See it here! 😊)

Adding on to that idea, as soon as she told me about him, I immediately found him on social media and sent him a message asking him if he’s looking for musicians or producers for any projects.

(His name is J. Howell if anyone is interested. Definitely check out his music.)

That’s just from a message my wife sent me. Who knows what that could lead to?

Let’s think about it this way:

If we want to have more ideas about life, business, opportunities, music, or anything else, all we have to do is have more conversations.

Have a great week everyone!

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P.S.S. Also, thanks to everyone who responded last week. In case you didn’t get a chance to respond, comment and let me know what you want to see more of from me. 😊

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